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Step into a world of lavish relaxation with the J-LXL® from Jacuzzi® – a stunning representation of modern spa grandeur. Its elegant square design is bound to transform your outdoor setting into a tranquil retreat akin to a luxury resort. It’s as if your backyard is exuding a sigh of relief, grateful for the extraordinary enhancement!

The J-LXL® thoughtfully accommodates 5 to 6 individuals, making it a perfect gathering spot for socializing or an idyllic sanctuary for solo wellness indulgence. Equipped with 39 meticulously positioned PowerPro™ jets, it offers a hydrotherapy experience like no other, turning each soak into a personalized spa session. Couple this with the impeccable clarity of the water ensured by the CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™ Clean Water System, and you’ve got a daily wellness ritual that surpasses any professional spa. The J-LXL® isn’t just a hot tub; it’s an invitation to a VIP self-care rendezvous available around the clock. So, why hold back? Elevate your outdoor living with the J-LXL®!


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J-LXL® Series: The Quintessence of Relaxation

The J-LXL® spa is a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation that provides the utmost in comfort. It features a meticulously designed lounge seat, perfect for those seeking deep relaxation or therapeutic relief. The lounge area is equipped with a variety of Jacuzzi® PowerPro® Jets, delivering a full-body hydromassage that can be tailored to your needs. Each jet is strategically positioned to target key areas of the body, providing a spa experience that truly rejuvenates and refreshes. From the stylish, modern aesthetics to the advanced hydrotherapy features, the J-LXL® spa has been crafted with a focus on detail and user comfort, making it the epitome of luxury spa experiences.


The Automatic Oxidizer produces pure ozone—nature’s powerful oxidizer—that destroys organic and inorganic contaminants instantly on contact!

ProLast™ Cover

These covers are designed for cold, harsh climates with its premium foam density and UV resistant materials you are sure your hot tub will be warm and efficient.


From an app on your smartphone, you can enjoy the next generation of spa ownership, making it easier than ever to use and maintain your hot tub.

Unique Design

The J-LXL® hot tub stands out with its unique square design that effortlessly marries modern style with functionality. Its nature-toned cabinetry coupled with stainless steel accents offers a sleek, contemporary aesthetic, making it a striking centerpiece for any setting.

ProClarity™ Cover with ProCatch™ Bag

The J-LXL® hot tub boasts advanced water management systems like ProClarity® and ProCatch™. The ProClarity® filtration system, with its sophisticated grill, skimming weir, and depth load filter, works tirelessly to keep the water in your hot tub crystal clear and inviting. The ProCatch™ bag, coupled with the ProClear® filter, further enhances the filtration, capturing any debris and impurities, ensuring your hot tub experience is always pristine and enjoyable.

Infared Therapy

The infrared jets in the J-LXL® hot tub provide a truly transformative spa experience. These jets harness the power of infrared light to deeply penetrate your tissues, boosting circulation and promoting faster healing. Infrared therapy also aids in muscle relaxation and pain relief, making your soak not only soothing but also beneficial for overall well-being. Dive into the J-LXL® hot tub and let the infrared jets provide a therapeutic retreat right at home.

The Jacuzzi® J-LXL Model

J-LXL® Uniquely Exquisite

This lavish spa generously accommodates five to six adults, making it the perfect oasis for relaxation indoors or outdoors. The J-LXL® model stands out with its elegant square design and impressive variety of Jacuzzi® PowerPro® Jets, including a robust rotational jet, dedicated foot mound jets, and other strategically positioned jets to deliver a thorough, full-body hydromassage. The J-LXL® spa is designed for effortless setup, requiring only standard electrical access. Displaying its stylish contemporary aesthetics and advanced features, the J-LXL® spa is simple to maintain, and it’s remarkably energy-efficient, ensuring a favorable impact on both the environment and your budget.

Jacuzzi® J-LXL


It’s not a Jacuzzi® if it isn’t a Jacuzzi®

Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs are exceptionally engineered with the best materials to ensure a superior product. These Hot Tub do not nearly compare to any other hot tub on the market, bring the originator of Hydrotherapy straight to your own back yard. Feel the performance that jacuzzi offers and increase your ability to recover, relax and perform, harnessing water’s natural ability to heal the mind, body and soul.

Additional information
Weight 855 lbs
Dimensions 91 × 91 × 34 in








Smart Tub Enabled



240VAC @ 40A/50A/60A


1 speed, 2.5 cont hp (5.1 bhp*)

Secondary Pump

1 speed, 2.5 cont hp (5.1 bhp*)

Filtration System

1- ProCatch™ bag with ProClear®, 1- ProClarity® 40 sq ft filter (circ), 1- ProClarity® depth load filter (circ), 60 sq ft filter (hydro), CLEARRAY Active Oxygen® Clean Water System, ProClarity® filtration system with grill, skimming weir and ProCatch™ bag




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