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Common Questions

Information on frequently asked questions on spas

Thanks to advanced water management and filtration systems, hot tub maintenance is easier than ever—routine tasks take just a few minutes a week. When we surveyed current owners about basic hot tub maintenance, nearly all of them said it was easy! Here’s a quick summary of how to maintain a hot tub:

Water: Check the chemical levels weekly with test strips and adjust them by adding the appropriate products per your owner’s manual—no chemistry expertise necessary. Drain and refills are only needed every 3–4 months, based on use.
Filter: Rinse and clean filters with a garden hose or filter flosser once per month. Replace as needed.
Cover: Use a cover to help keep your water warm and clean. It will protect your hot tub from debris and weather elements.

Industry research shows that more than 76% of owners use their hot tub at least two times per week. Another survey found 98% of Jacuzzi®Brand hot tub owners would recommend purchasing one to their friends and family. Current owners will certainly tell you it’s worth it!

The safe maximum bathing level for Chlorine is 5 ppm. If you have put too much Chlorine into the water, then you must now wait until the reading drops back to this safe level. You can open the spa cover and run the jets and this will help a little, but depending on how over-chlorinated it is, it might take a while until it’s safe to use the hot tub.

Planning permission is not normally required for items of a relocatable/temporary nature like a hot tub or swim spa, however, if you live in an area of outstanding natural beauty, or listed property or a conservation area you would do well to seek advice from the planners before installing your pool or spa.

Firstly, we must remember hot tub heaters vary considerably, from 1KW up to 6KW, and the volume of water to be heated varies, as does the mains water temperature from summer to winter. As an example, let’s look at a 300 gallon hot tub with a 1.5kW heater, with summer temperature mains water. You should expect this to be hot in about 20 hours. Bigger spas, different heaters and winter mains water will all have longer or shorter heating times. A final point – hot tubs are designed to be hot 24/7. Once a hot tub is hot you are only ever topping up lost heat. A 1.5KW heater will put about 3 degrees of heat into a spa per hour, so a typical 1/2 hour use will drop the spa temperature about 1 degree, meaning it will take about 20 minutes to recover.

With average use, your hot tub should be drained and refilled about once every three or four months.

You can run a hot tub cold. It is actually a great Idea to use in the summer to cool off after a long sun bath!

For this one you want to use your discretion for cleaning the filter. Based on how many uses you want to weekly clean your filter for the best possible performance. It is also instructed after about a month of use it is best to clean the filter with special filter cleaning solutions.

Cloudy hot tub water can mean two things, 1) that the filtration is failing to clean out the small dust particles in the water or 2) that there is bacteria growing in the Spa. If it is Dust then I would suggest you buy a product like spa sparkle which acts like a coagulant and captures all the dust in the filters. Note that once the hot tub is nice and clean you need to get the filters out and clean them, if you don’t then after 24 hours the spa sparkle will break down and empty the dust back in to your hot tub. 2) If it’s bacteria then you need to act fast and shock the spa with a double the normal does of both Chlorine and Non Chlorine Shock.

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Every spa is different.

Your hot tub deserves personalized water care. If you take a do-it-yourself approach to spa maintenance, our retail locations are staffed with water care experts and offer free water testing to give you a detailed report on how to best care for your spa. Premium SpaGuard® chemicals can tackle any issue.

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