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For over 20 years, Blue Anchor has been perfecting one-piece fiberglass pool technology right here in Fort Plains, NY. Using only the highest quality raw materials available in the industry, Blue Anchor Pools are built to last a lifetime.

Behind the brand

Blue Anchor Pools is located on the edge of the Old Erie Canal in Fort Plain, New York. They are a company with a clear goal- to responsibly, and with integrity, make and market the best quality fiberglass pools possible using locally and nationally sourced raw materials.

How it's made

Learn how the laminating process is done on San Juan Fiberglass pools that helps promote longevity of the fiberglass!

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Handmade in New York State

NY State Made

Product excellence begins with the manufacturing process. Blue Anchor uses only the highest quality materials, and adheres to strict standards in the building process for each pool. Our pools are hand-laid, using the best quality gel-coat, and with 100% vinyl ester resin. Vinyl ester is a premium-grade resin specifically blended to prevent an unwanted process called osmotic blistering—a phenomenon where the gelcoat surface forms actual blisters and separates from the next laminate layer.

San Juan Dog Jumping into Pool Tarson Pools Syracuse

Something for Everyone

Blue Anchor offers a wide range of pool sizes and shapes, with many smaller-size options for those with limited backyard space. Download our catalog to see pools with sun decks for lounging, deeper pools for jumping, and pools all built with care to bring your family years of enjoyment.

Hand Laid Fiberglass

All of Blue Anchor fiberglass pools are constructed with hand laid fiberglass using only Solid Sheets of Fiberglass. Blue Anchor does not use Chop Fiberglass, which is common among other manufacturers in the industry.

GlimmerGlass manufacturing process

Unmatched Durability

Fiberglass is much stronger and more flexible than other materials used in the manufacture of pools. Blue Anchor starts with a multi-layer fiberglass, which creates uniform thickness and uses the modern high-quality fiberglass gel – coated surface that will not crack, chip, peel, blister or discolor.

Blue Anchor Fiberglass Pools

Glimmer Glass is a quality one-piece pool meaning you get a solid and seamless build quality. Using only quality and USA made fiberglass you can ensure your private Oasis will be long lasting. Below are selection of shapes Glimmer Glass offers! **(More Shapes coming soon)**

Blue Anchor Henderson

Dive into the serene elegance of the Henderson pool, a masterpiece of design and…

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Blue Anchor Pompano

The Blue Anchor Pompano pool exemplifies luxury and practicality, making it an exquisite…

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Blue Anchor Grayton

Experience the exceptional craftsmanship of the Grayton Pool by Blue Anchor, meticulously…

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Blue Anchor Naples

The Blue Anchor Pool in Naples is ideal for families and entertainers alike, featuring a…

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Tarson Pools Product Blue Anchor- Lauderdale

Blue Anchor Lauderdale

Get ready to make a splash with the Lauderdale pool! This pool is the perfect combination of…

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Blue Anchor Santa Rosa

The Blue Anchor Santa Rosa is the perfect pool for those looking for a comfortable and stylish…

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Blue Anchor Del Ray

Get ready for a summer of fun with the Blue Anchor Del Ray pool! This pool is perfect for…

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Blue Anchor St. George

The Blue Anchor St. George fiberglass pool is a rectangular-shaped pool that features a unique…

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Blue Anchor South Beach

Looking for the ultimate backyard oasis that combines stunning design, durability, and…

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Blue Anchor Bahia

Are you ready to take your backyard oasis to the next level? Look no further than the Blue…

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