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Discover the Ultimate Backyard Retreat with the Radiant Metric Round Pool! Designed to elevate your outdoor living experience, this pool blends the timeless appeal of a traditional round shape with state-of-the-art technology. The round design not only offers a classic, elegant look but also provides efficient water circulation, making maintenance easier and swimming more enjoyable. Its compact shape is ideal for smaller yards, yet it doesn’t compromise on space for fun and relaxation.

Built with Radiant Pools’ innovative engineering, the Metric Round pool features insulated walls that retain heat better than standard pools, extending your swimming season while saving on energy costs. The durable construction, using technology developed for NASA, ensures a long-lasting investment, resilient against elements and everyday use. Plus, its versatile design allows for installation aboveground, semi-inground, or even into sloped terrains, fitting perfectly into any backyard landscape.


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Radiant Metric – Round

Experience Unmatched Elegance and Durability with Our Radiant Metric Round Aboveground Pool

Classic Elegance Meets Modern Efficiency

Engineered from technology developed for the NASA Space Program, Radiant Pools are the only structurally insulated swimming pools manufactured using an R-10 insulated panel – an industry first.

  • Radiant walls are more durable than steel, polymer, and even 12 inches of concrete
  • Radiant 2-inch thick wall panels are constructed of an EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam insulation core bonded between sheets of durable acrylic-coated aluminum
  • This aerospace-engineered wall panel is incredibly lightweight and easy to handle for quick installation
  • The combination of strength, lightness, and resistance to stress, corrosion, and heat loss makes the Radiant Pool the smartest backyard investment you can make

Coping Finishing Options

Standard 2” Coping

Radiant Metric pools come with our standard 2” coping. Available in both white and grey, this sturdy PVC coping offers an inside track to hold your liner and an outer track to hold your Metric Custom Winter Cover. (Not available on Metric Grecian, Rectangle or Emerald Pools.)

Premium 4” Coping

The Metric Premium coping boasts a wide 4” profile and elegant bullnose exterior-finish double tracks inside the pool. Available in both white and grey, the internal double track accommodates the liner and a Metric Custom Winter Cover. (Not available on Metric Grecian, Rectangle or Emerald Pools.)

Universal Coping

The Metric Rectangle and Emerald utilize this patented coping to add to the structural integrity of the pool while providing a variety of finishing options for aboveground, semi-inground and fully inground pools. Each option includes internal double tracks to accommodate the liner and Metric Custom Winter Cover. (Available on Metric Rectangle and Emerald Pools only.)

5/4 Deck Coping

With 5/4 Deck coping, you can add a wood or composite deck and have a clean, finished edge for a smooth transition from deck to pool. (Available on Metric Grecian Pools only.)

Radiant Concrete Receptor Coping

Radiant Concrete Receptor coping is used when pouring a concrete deck. The modern-ribbed aluminum surface creates a seamless transition from deck to pool.

Paver/Cantilever Coping

Aluminum paver coping is perfect if you want to finish your pool with paver stones on a poured cantilever edge. This finishing option creates a beautiful flush appearance around your entire pool. (Available in both single and double track options.)



Wedding Cake step forms can be positioned anywhere in your Metric Series Pool, allowing you to build your deck right up to the pool's edge. This gives you the same finished look you see on an inground pool with paver stones or concrete.



The aboveground pool with the inground attitude installs anywhere! Today, residential lots offer many landscape challenges. With the superior wall construction of the Radiant Pool, you have options! The incredible Metric Series pool can be installed aboveground, inground, and semi-inground, on a slope or into a hill. The Radiant Metric Series pool fits any backyard and any budget. No other aboveground pool offers you this type of versatility!


Engineering and Installation

When it comes to pioneering innovation and superior structural integrity, it is what you don’t see that counts! Radiant Pools are engineered from technology originally developed for the NASA Space Program. Our 2-inch thick insulated wall panels are constructed of a closed-cell expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core bonded between 2 sheets of durable acrylic-coated aluminum. All polystyrene used is treated with environmentally safe insecticides to prevent any insect infestation, guaranteed. Tested and proven for over 60 years!

Additional information
Weight 1200 lbs

Radiant Pools


30', 16', 33', 18', 21', 24', 27'

Wall Patterns

Grey Wisp, Wavecrest

Inground-Style Steps

No, Yes


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