The Game Changer

Brunswick built a legacy from building the best. If you look inside a Brunswick table, this becomes clear as you see innovation after innovation. Every extra step we take in the building process ensures we achieve superior accuracy and consistency in our tables.

Behind the Brand

At the young age of just 14, John Moses Brunswick emigrated from Switzerland to make a new life in the U.S. What began as humble ambition, blossomed into a business that would go on to forever change the course of recreation and even home design.

Brunswick Logo Syracuse Tarson Pools

How it's made

See how the well handcrafted Brunswick Tables are put together. With the great detail and craftsman ship that goes into making each brunswick game table!

Moving into the Future

Now more than ever, Brunswick is in a strong position to revolutionize the billiards industry. New materials and designs are already sending game rooms in new directions. The emergence of mobile technologies and applications also create new ways for the Company to connect players with the games and each other, opportunities that promise to enhance the way we interact and enjoy some of the oldest games in our modern history.

Build the Ultimate Game Room

Brunswick has everything you need to build a one-of-a-kind game room including shuffleboard, table tennis, foosball and air hockey tables. Add another dimension to your gaming experience and create a room right in your home that offers hours of entertainment for players of all ages and abilities.


Brunswick tables are built to last a lifetime. All solid wood materials are kiln-dried to a 6-8% moisture level, then stained and sealed to keep moisture out. A durable furniture finish completes the look of each product, for a lifetime of playability.


With Brunswick Billiard and Game Table you get a well handcrafted and beautifully made tables. Not only is it handcrafted but backed by BCA exceeding the competition of billiard tables. Below is a selection of premium Brunswick brand Billiards and Game Tables we offer!  **More furniture being added daily**

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