Glimmerglass Empire

The Glimmerglass Empire fiberglass pool is a rectangular-shaped pool that features a unique and stunning design. The pool comes equipped with waterfall-style stairs on both sides, which not only add to its aesthetic appeal but also provide easy access to the pool. The Empire pool also features a spacious ledge in the deep end, perfect for lounging, and a shallow end that makes it ideal for kids or those looking to simply soak in the sun.

The pool measures 12 feet by 26 feet, providing ample space for swimming, playing, and relaxation. Its depth varies from 3 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 6 inches, making it a versatile pool that can accommodate a wide range of activities and skill levels.

As with all Glimmerglass fiberglass pools, the Empire pool is constructed using a solid sheet of fiberglass that is reinforced with layers of resin and gelcoat. This manufacturing technique creates a strong and durable pool that is resistant to cracking, fading, and warping. The smooth and glossy finish is not only easy to maintain but also provides a luxurious look and feel that will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Overall, the Glimmerglass Empire fiberglass pool is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a pool that combines functionality with stunning design.


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Hand Built

The Key to Quality and Strength

Not all fiberglass pools are created equal. The key distinction between fiberglass pools lies in their construction. Glimmerglass Fiberglass Pools, for instance, are made with a minimum of 5 layers of hand-laid fiberglass using only the finest American Made Fiberglass and marine industry-grade resin to reinforce them. The layer of fiberglass closest to the surface is typically made with Vinyl Ester resin, which shares many components with epoxy. As a result, top-notch boat and pool builders alike opt for Vinyl Ester resin to ensure optimal performance and longevity.



WIDTH: 12′ O.D.


LENGTH: 26′ O.D.


DEPTH: 3’6″-5’6″

Surface Area

432 SQFT


Approx: 12,937 Gallons

Model The Empire

GlimmerGlass Empire

The Glimmerglass Empire fiberglass pool is a rectangular-shaped pool with a stunning design that includes waterfall-style stairs on both sides, a spacious ledge in the deep end, and a shallow end. Measuring 12 feet by 26 feet and with a depth range of 3 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 6 inches, this pool is perfect for swimming, playing, and relaxation. It is built using a solid sheet of fiberglass that is reinforced with layers of resin and gelcoat, providing a strong and durable pool that is resistant to cracking, fading, and warping. The Empire pool’s smooth and glossy finish is easy to maintain and adds a luxurious touch to any backyard.

Not only for the family but pets too

Glimmerglass Fiberglass Pools aren’t just for people, they’re for pets too! We know that your furry friends love a good swim, which is why we’ve made sure that all of our pools are pet-friendly. Our designers have even included special features like tanning ledges, swim-out seats, and benches so that your pets can enjoy a refreshing dip too. So, bring your four-legged pals along for some wet and wild fun in the sun!




Glimmerglass fiberglass pools doesn’t cut corners with Chop Fiberglass like some other manufacturers in the industry tend to do.


Glimmerglass makes high-quality, handcrafted fiberglass swimming pools and 100% made in New York. GlimmerGlass prioritize skilled craftsmanship and refuse to compromise on quality.


American Marine grade Resin the same used on boats will ensure a tight long-lasting seal!


Glimmerglass fiberglass swimming pools are not only crafted with care and attention to detail, but they are also incredibly energy-efficient. The same high-quality fiberglass that is used to construct the pools also acts as an insulator, allowing them to retain heat much longer than gunite, vinyl liner, and above-ground pools. The fiberglass shell of each pool provides excellent insulation, reducing heat loss to the cooler surrounding ground temperature and resulting in energy cost savings of over 30%. Customers can enjoy their backyard oasis without breaking the bank, thanks to Glimmerglass’ commitment to quality and energy efficiency.


Glimmerglass swimming pools offer a variety of benefits that can help homeowners save money while enjoying their backyard oasis. The smooth fiberglass finishes are resistant to algae and mildew, which means that the pump run times can be reduced to less than half that of a gunite pool. This results in significantly lower electrical consumption and lower monthly bills. In addition, the self-insulated fiberglass construction increases the pool’s ability to maintain water temperature, which means that heater run times can also be shortened, reducing the energy needed to keep the pool warm. By choosing a GlimmerGlass fiberglass pool, homeowners can save money on energy costs while enjoying a beautiful and comfortable swimming experience.

Hot Tub Addition

More info on the optional Glimmerglass hot tubs to complement your fiberglass pool



7′ x 7′

Depth: 3′


7’6″ x 7′

Depth: 3′



7’6″ x 9’6″

Depth: 3’4″


8’6″ x 9’6″

Depth: 3’4″

Tanning Ledge

9′ x 15’6″

Depth: 10″

Additional information
Weight 7800 lbs
Dimensions 312 × 144 × 66 in




Pool Style


Glimmerglass Colors

Coastal Bronz, Ocean Blue, Sapphire Blue, Snow White, Steel Grey

Glimmerglass Spa Addon

Harmony Spa, Harmony Spillover, Harmony Tanning Ledge, Leisure Spa, Leisure Spillover, No Spa


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