Custom made by craftsman

The Megna line fabricates steel inground pool panels from strong galvanized 14ga steel that comes from only the North American region with flat sheets of “coil steel”. Craftsman cold crimp the steel to create a secure, rustproof and long-lasting panel!

Behind the Brand

The Megna line has over 30 years experience in the swimming pool industry. Attention to quality is their #1 goal. Megna Pools builds quality into every step of the process.

How it's made

Lean how the Megna creates its pools through North American Steel. Creating a durable and long-lasting construction.

Domestic Quality

All components of a Megna Pool’s steel wall pool kit are made from the highest grade of galvanized North American steel. Our craftsmen are extensively trained using leading edge equipment and technology, to ensure our pools are fabricated to perfection.

Seamless liner integration

Megna uses reliable and durable high-frequency molecular welds in the fabrication of all our pool liners. This process has been used in the industry for over 50 years and has proven to be the best and longest lasting method of sealing swimming pool vinyl. A high frequency molecular weld produces a seal stronger than the material itself!


All components of a Megna steel wall pool kit are made from the highest grade of galvanized steel available. We proudly use only North American steel in all our products!  Panels are fabricated using the latest clinch-lock technology for superior rust resistance and durability, no welds!

Megna Pools

With Megna you get the most durable inground and quality liners! From a great selection of pre-defined shapes below Megna also gives the option of customers of having a custom shaped pools as well.