San Juan The Costa Azul

the Costa Azul is a swimming pool designed for plenty of play! What was our inspiration for this design? Well, we believe that all of our fiberglass pools and spas should be perfect places for escape. Therefore, following this design process, we created this pool as a “lagoon” layout with varying depths and constant curves.

The Costa Azul can easily be enhanced by water features, beautiful decking, attached spa & LED lighting. We give you the blue print and you make it your own!

Huge Tanning Ledge in Shallow End

As previously stated, the Costa Azul comes paired with a HUGE tanning ledge. We can’t emphasize “huge” enough. In fact, this tanning ledge is wide enough to set some furniture or support multiple swimmers. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood as you work on your summer tan in this shallow water space. It’s perfect for reading a book, sipping your favorite drink or even just relaxing on a Ledge Lounger.


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Hand Built

The Key to Quality and Strength

Fiberglass Pools are not all the same. The big difference in fiberglass pools is how the pool is actually constructed. Each San Juan Fiberglass Pool is made with a minimum of 5 hand-laid layers of fiberglass. Only using the best of the best with American Made Fiberglass and marine industry-grade resin to reinforce San Juan fiberglass pools. Vinyl Ester resins are made with many of the same products that go into epoxy.  This is why all good boat builders and all good swimming pool builders use a Vinyl Ester resin for the layer of fiberglass next to the surface.



WIDTH: 14′ 11″ O.D. (13′ 11″ I.D.)

LENGTH: 32′ 7″ O.D. (31′ 6.75″ I.D.)

DEPTH: 5′ 6″

Surface Area
Model The Costa Azul

340 SQFT


San Juan Fiberglass Costa Azul Model 

Although the Costa Azul only holds 8,000 gallons, its free form design makes it feel much larger than it really is. That’s one of the fun aspects of this free form pool shape.

One amazing benefit of only holding 8,000 gallons is the easy chemical maintenance you’ll get to enjoy. In nerdy pool terms, 8,000 gallons only requires 16.67 gallons/minute for a complete 8-hour water turnover. This allows you to purchase a variable speed pump and save some on your monthly electricity usage!

Not only for the family but pets too

All of our San Juan Fiberglass Pools are durable enough for all the family pets. San Juan Fiberglass Pools have always been pet-friendly in many ways. Most of our pools were designed with your pets in mind. And you thought San Juan only made fiberglass pools for people to swim in! Many of our existing pools, with tanning ledges, swim-out seats, and benches are perfect for family pets. So bring your furry buddies along!




San Juan does not use Chop Fiberglass, which is common among other manufacturers in our industry.


100% Hand Made, San Juan believes in building swimming pools the right way. That means we invest in people who construct our fiberglass swimming pools from scratch – every time!


American Marine grade Resin the same used on boats will ensure a tight long-lasting seal!


The same fiberglass used to make our pools also acts as an insulator. This make our pools the most Energy efficient vessel to hold water in your backyard. Fiberglass retains heat much longer than gunite, vinyl liner and above ground pools.

The fiberglass shell insulates the heated water reducing heat loss to the cooler surrounding ground tempiture. This reduces your energy costs by over 30%.


Because of the smooth fiberglass finishes, alleges and mildew doesn’t adhere, this enables shorter pump run times, less than half of a gunite pool, resulting in much less electrical consumption and lower monthly bills.

Self-insulated fiberglass construction increases the pool’s ability to maintain water temperature. This also shortens heater run times reducing the energy needed to keep your pool warm.

San Juan The Costa Azul

Dig Dimension Blue Print

Additional information
Weight 9600 lbs
Dimensions 179 × 391 × 66 in

San Juan


The Costa Azul

Pool Style


San Juan Fiberglass Colors

Blue Lagoon, Granite, Sully Blue, White


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